Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you believe in God in the traditional Christian sense?

I believe that salvation comes through belief in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Son of YaHWeH: Yahshua The Messiah.

2. What/who do you believe angels are, and where do they come from?

Angels are messengers, celestial and terrestrial. They are real beings with supernatural powers. There are beings called angels in the traditional sense, good and evil, mostly good! They actually live on/in other planets/star systems in outer space (the heavens) and they travel in space vehicles around the universe interacting with populations of these systems.

3. Is there life in other parts of the universe?

Yes, the universe is teeming with life, like in the Pleiades and the Orion systems mentioned in the book of Job. I have personally met beings from other parts of the galaxy, all humanoid looking, but varying in size and proportion. Some look just like earth humans, others do not.

4. What about devils and demons?

They also exist, but I would like to clarify something: everyone that comes from outer space is not evil. Remember, the Lord Himself said that He was not from this world, and that some of His disciples were not either! Many benevolent beings have interacted with humanity since time began, and are doing so now!

5. What are spaceships called in the bible?

Very briefly, they are traditionally called “fiery horses” and “chariots” but really the Hebrew says "whirling discs" or “whirlwinds”. Eagles, Bows, Rainbows, Flying scrolls/rolls. The easy way to find them in the bible is the "clouds" or “dark clouds”, “pavilions”, “rocks”, “clouds by day”, “fire by night”. Some passages that refer to angels/cherubim are actually misunderstood references. They are these spaceships themselves: The Saviors Time Ark Rescue Ships (STARS) or Armageddon Time Arks (ATAs).

6. What do you mean by angels in human form? I thought they were ethereal / invisible.

Celestial beings can materialize and de-materialize, but they are real. They eat food, visit with people, and are present to announce special births carrying out assignments for the "Lord of Hosts". The bible says some people have entertained angels unaware!

7. Does the bible say the Lord has spaceships to travel in with His hosts?

Yes. In Acts chapter one verses 9-11 Yahshua leaves in a cloud with his “space-suited” beings, and says He will return in the same way. Also see Revelation 1:7. These hosts will assist us in the same way they did the Lord if we ask for their assistance.


*See Exodus 13:21,22; 19:11,16-21; 33:9,10; 40:34-38 Psalms 68:4,17, 32-35; Ezekiel 1 & 10; Matthew 17:1-5; Mark 9:2-9; Luke 9:27-36 just a few examples. These vehicles and their occupants moved people around supernaturally, like Phillip. Steven and Paul saw them. Peter, James and John and others went onboard. The Father spoke from them and multitudes were fed from them in both the old and new Testaments. Acts 7: 38,53. These beings are here around earth now! All of our books, text CDs and "The Elohim Bridge" New Testament attest to this truth.


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