Mission Statement

Should I begin to give all the praise and glory due to father YaHWeH and his Son my Master YaHshua, I would need to write another book. Now, in humanity I will boast in the Lord. I began my walk with the Lord before I came here to Earth. Since I have been here this time I have been involved in His service from my youth up. Sadly at times a great disappointment to him I’m sure. I was raised in a believing, God fearing family. I was saved when I was about 12 years old. I am now filled with the Holy Spirit. I have three beautiful daughters, Zelta, Senda and Morgan, also some 12 grand and great-grandchildren. I have a wonderful mother, a passed away dad that I love with family scattered all over the states.

I saw one of Yahshua’s many ISOs (Identified Sailing Object/Spaceship/UFO) in 1955 while living in Florida as a second grader at school. Again in 1977 while traveling with my middle daughter in a jet airplane leaving Colorado. We saw a huge rainbow colored spaceship. More recently I have seen and communicated with the heavenly host in their vehicles.

In 1987 The Lord called me into the ministry. After many personal visitations with the angels, I met the Lord. For the next eight years plus, the Holy Spirit taught me and equipped me for the ministry. Now, some nineteen years in progress. As of 2005, a new translation of the New Testament, “The Elohim Bridge New Testament” is available with its companion book, “Revelation”.

I have been taken into the cloud-ships in my body and also out of body (2 nd Corinthians 12:1-4). Also I have had many dreams and visions encountering spaceships in clouds = celestial chariots = angelic vehicles. I have met angels (celestial and terrestrial angelic messenger beings) who reside in their realms and are from other worlds.This ministry form the Lord is teaching the truths in the Bible about the good and holy extraterrestrial and celestial beings we call angels/messengers of Almighty Yahweh to the body of Christ, and all others that are interested. These hosts are under the command of His Creator YaHshua our Master “The Captain of Hosts”, to dispel the error of some religionists, and the government debunkers who say that all entities coming from outer space are evil. Some of these beings are evil. Most are not! (Psalms 68:4,17; Hebrews 1:4; 13:1,2)

Father YaHweh and YaHshua anointed me to become a Melchizedek Apostle for them, alleluYAH! (Isaiah 61:1,2; Galatians 1:1), giving me a healing and deliverance ministry (Acts 19:11,12). I teach the full five fold ministry for men and women today (Ephesians 4:11-13), with signs and miracles following.

I now reside in the Dallas Texas area, under-shepherding. More information is available on other personal experiences in the materials. I have edited many preexisting materials for the Lord, making no claim to their originality. Some materials that I share are totally ours, like those now available. Others I do not totally agree with, but it would take another lifetime to perfect them. I study most of all Christian and historical material and am a member of YaHshua’s Universal Body. I gladly work with all churches and others outside of orthodoxy. Arrangements can be made for ministry, we would be glad to hear from you and assist you in any way we can as the Lord directs.


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